What does VRMpros do for vacation rental homeowners?

VRMpros is a full-service vacation rental property management company.  We handle the marketing of the property, guest inquiries, booking, payment transactions, cleaning, maintenance, owner payment, and much more!  Plus, we do all this at a low commission rate of 15%!



Why do you do commission-based pricing?

Commission-based pricing aligns the homeowner’s interest with VRMpros.  We only make money when our homeowners do!


How easy is it to get started with VRMpros?

The process of beginning to work with VRMpros is very easy!  The process begins by contacting VRMpros and completing a simple Homeowner Application.  Next, we will enter into a contract with the homeowner and begin the process of analyzing the property, gathering market research on pricing and demand, and crafting a professional property listing on the main internet advertising channels.


Do I have to commit to a certain amount of availability?

No, homeowners who work with VRMpros do not have to commit to any level of availability. However, homeowners whom we determine will have a very low number of rental nights (or are required to) will be billed an initial setup fee.  VRMpros will handle all setup costs for properties that intend to rent full-time.  


How do you advertise my vacation rental?

We advertise your property using the latest and best online marketing channels.  We create professional listings that will best represent your property and position your property to receive the most booking requests at the highest price!

How do you screen for potential guests?

We at VRMpros know that the screening process is an essential part of ensuring that high-quality guests rent your property.  We allow our homeowners to make many of their own rules for who is allowed to rent the property. Rules can include age limit, pet policy, size of the rental group, and more. Along with these rules, our team can conduct background checks of potential guests and/or use specific screening questions to better ensure that guests meet your expectations.


How do you set pricing for my rental?

We work with owners to come up with their ideal pricing solution.  We at VRMpros believe a “dynamic” pricing model is best for maximizing the rental revenue generated at the property.  We will work with homeowners during the setup process to learn and use a pricing strategy that they are most comfortable with.


When do I get paid for reservations?

Owners will be paid once a month.  The payment consists of booking fees from guests that checked-out during the month previous.


How are maintenance and cleaning handled?

VRMpros will handle your property’s rental cleaning and maintenance needs.  We will dispatch qualified maintenance personnel when necessary and will coordinate cleaning services.  All maintenance work is billed at cost to the homeowner. Cleaning service fees are paid by the guest.


How do you deal with noisy guests?

Noisy guests can be a problem for homeowners and their neighbors.  VRMpros offers a decibel monitoring service to identify noisy guests.  This service is available at an additional fee to homeowners.

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